3rd October 2019 – 8.00 pm

Meeting point at 7.30 pm – Piazza Castello 9 – City Sightseeing Desk – 10123 Torino (TO)


Via Antonio Bertola, 40 – 10122 Torino (TO) 



Designed in 1915 by architect Carlo Angelo Ceresa to house the new headquarters of the Savings Bank, the Palace of Light is guided by the criteria of monumental late ‘800 with a superb façade inspired Juvarrian of the Senate model.

In 1925 it is sold unfinished to the Piemontese Hydroelectric Company (SIP), which Provides, under the direction of Grand Officer Giuseppe Besozzi to completion. The building was opened in 1928 to house the offices and the direction of the Sip, one of the largest companies in the country engaged in power generation and distribution, telecommunications (Siptel) and radio (Eiar). The first Italian public radio transmissions were radiated from this building: if the primordial nucleus of Rai was based in Rome, the general direction was established precisely in via Bertola 40 where there is still the anechoic room once used the hearings.

The energy industry nationalization in 1962 DECIDED to transfer to the ‘Enel owned until recently When the acquisition of a real estate fund has started the process of exploitation.



4th October 2019 – 8.00 pm

Meeting point at 7.30 pm – Piazza Castello 9 – City Sightseeing Desk – 10123 Torino (TO)


Strada al Traforo di Pino, 47 – 10132 Torino (TO) 


Beautiful and elegant holiday residence in 1700, not far from Turin city center, surrounded by a park, ranked among the most beautiful in Italy, is a place of delight, parties and dances for three hundred years. 
Beloved by the Count of Cavour, skilled strategist and refined seducer, Frequented by royal princes and crowned heads, belonged to noble families has Always Been a reference point for any kind of celebration: ideal for wedding celebrations, perfect for private and corporate events, it is special in every occasion and every season.
The large living rooms, the lodge That can be covered and heated in cold weather, small living rooms, large kitchen, the bar area, support rooms for guests and organizers: Villa Sassi offers versatile solutions That Make exceptional location and excellence. 
If the interiors are generous and hospitable, the frame is a palette of colors and green: a historical park, monumental trees, lawns, the Belvedere, the wild and intriguing woody end, 
oasis of peace, of celebration and work, a short walk from the center of Turin.

A bus transportation will be organized